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Law of Attraction: Manifesting Master Class

Next Level Manifesting

Next level your life. Next Level your business.
Next level your abundance. Next level your freedom.

Next level your dreams.

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“I’ve had a lot of conversations about law of attraction and Ed really understands it.”
Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier, Host of Amplify Your Success Podcast.

This Master Class is a comprehensive self study guide to unlocking all of the “secrets” about law of attraction distilled from my 30 years of study and my 20+ years of teaching it. 

If you are new to the law of attraction, after this Master Class you'll know exactly 
what to do to manifest what you want in your life.
If you know about law of attraction and have trouble with it and can't figure out why it's hard for you, you will know exactly what you need to do for it to work for you.

I will tell you everything. There will be no “secrets" left untold.

“Nobody teaches law of attraction better than Ed. He Puts things so concisely that it's easy
to follow and understand. All other things about Law of Attraction make it sound so confusing." — Danielle J.

In this Master Class I will tell you the whole story, the real story 
and I won’t leave anything out.  
Whether you’re new to LOA or have known about it and you have worked with it before, there is something for you in this Master Class.

  • 7 Steps to Manifesting.

  • 5 Things you control that changes your life

  • The power of your thoughts

  • What is the law of attraction and how to use it in your life

  • What your vibration is and how you manifest with it

  • The 3 parts of Law of Attraction

  • The reasons and the science of why Law of Attraction works

Join me, Ed Langan, author of, Creating With The Law of Attraction: 10 Principles That Will Change your Life. In this Master Class I will show you with real life examples how to fully understand and use the law of attraction.


The focus of this Master Class is to show you how to create your life the way you want it to be! 
You will learn:

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You will know how the Law of Attraction works and how to use it after taking this class.

This Master Class includes:

10 Instructional Videos
20 Page PDF Workbook
10 MP3s of the Videos
A phone call with Ed

“I’ve studied with many consciousness experts over the years and found the universal law invaluable. The conversation I had with Ed is fascinating and I have already made a few shifts in my thinking.”
— Melanie Benson, Authority Amplifier, Host of Amplify Your Success Podcast.

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Elizabeth Phillips, M. Ed


Mainstream Coaching & Wellness

"I took Ed’s Mindset Breakthrough Method workshop and it was absolutely transformational! I loved working with him.  He was knowledgeable, enthusiastic and caring. His experience with the Law of Attraction and limiting beliefs helped me to realize how I was holding myself back from achieving goals both personally and professionally. 

This program was presented to me at just the right time in my life too.  Because of this program, I was able to confidently shift the focus of the mission of my business and truly become more clear as to what I want to achieve. Ed is absolutely amazing and I look forward to continuing my growth by extending my sessions with him. 

In these short eight weeks, I was able to uncover limiting beliefs I didn’t know I had, I was able to shift these beliefs as well as create a unique and individual “Vibrational Vision” for my business, my success, my family, my gratitude...and so much more. 

I feel lighter, I feel motivated, I feel ready and confident to move forward, all thanks to Ed and the Mindset Breakthrough Method."

Host of HEAL Podcast

Reiki Master Teacher


How long do I have to access this Master Class?

You will have lifetime access to this Master Class

Are the videos available right away?

Once registered, you will have access to all the videos, MP3’s and the workbook when you sign up.

If I am new to Law of Attraction, can I take this Master Class?

Yes, this Master Class covers everything about the law of attraction and manifesting. If you’re new to the law of attraction, know about, or have experience with it, there is something here for you. 

Can I just listen to the MP3s?

It’s best to watch the videos at least one time. There are some things that will make more sense if you see them. After that you can listen to the MP3’s as often as you like.

When do I schedule my call with you?

It’s best to schedule your call after you finish the class. As you go through it, write down any questions that you have. I will answer them on our call. (The call is by phone or Zoom.)

How many times do I have to watch & listen to the class before I can start manifesting?

You will be able to consciously start creating after watching the videos. And the more you do that the better you will get at creating. 

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Mission Statement: I believe that everyone deserves to know that they are creating their reality.

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