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Ed uses his skills to help people who are struggling, stressed or stuck to give them clarity and help them feel their power so they can get more money, grow their business, find a soulmate, or align to their life’s purpose. His unique perspective and innate ability to connect with the guides allows him to dig deep to help clients create real, lasting change.

Coaching + Readings + Mentorship

Get one on one guidance, and support from Ed in his personal coaching and intuitive reading sessions, and his mentorship programs. Whether you’ve got a specific goal you’re working towards or just need loving guidance, Ed can help you finally reclaim YOU!


Want to hear from Ed + The Guides Live? Check out our local events, or book Ed for speaking engagements. As an experienced workshop leader, Ed and his guides speak about money, law of attraction, relationships and all aspects of life. Workshop participants get to ask the guides questions and can receive mini-readings.


Not ready for one on one coaching, but ready to make a change? Ed’s exclusive self-study programs and downloads are a great way to start manifesting your miracles without the investment of a one-on-one mentorship. 

Jennifer Keniston

Jennifer-Lynn Keniston


I first met Ed at one of his courses on The Law of Attraction and purchased his first book (I highly recommend you purchase and read). When I discovered he was a Life Coach, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Ed one to one and watch the transformations seamlessly unfold. I wasn’t disappointed and I still currently work with Ed on coaching different areas of my life. I recommend Ed to everyone and for EVERY stage of their lives.

Trish Ward, AADP, CIHC, CNC, FDN-P

Ed is truly a Master Coach and gifted psychic. He not only can zero in on areas that you need to explore, he gently nudges you to see other possibilities in your thinking which leads to huge shifts in your life, personally and professionally. Ed’s patience and coaching expertise have radically changed my life. I look forward to our calls and every time we hang up I feel amazing and think to myself, “I love him!”
Jacqueline Dube

Jacqueline Jase


I highly recommend Ed as a coach. He has made a difference in my life. He is intuitive, insightful, kind and very easy to talk to, and tells me what I need to hear. His attitude is always positive and helpful. The tools and the techniques that he has given me to use help me make better choices.

These sessions were just what I needed in my life right now. A young mom, I feel like I’ve spent SO. MUCH. TIME. keeping myself stuck. Ed’s Wisdom has pushed me forward and helped me get what I really needed, self-love. Acceptance. Healing. I’m so grateful I’ve had the honor of working with him.


Rachel Marshall B.S.

Coaching sessions with Ed are transformational, providing guidance in just the right way. Ed has an energy and psychic gift that I am grateful he’s shared with me. I would highly recommend working with Ed – it will change everything!
I love working with Ed. The calls are amazing and the wisdom flows. His guided meditations put me into the vibration of what I want, but the best thing is that he is teaching me how to do it myself.Thank YOU!!!! I let go of negativity as best as I can, and try to be grateful for EVERYTHING!!! And, I still say I owe you for my new car!
deb fate heartfelt healing

Deb Fate-Mental, RM 

Shamanic Energy Healer
Heartfelt Shamanic Healing



I had a lovely session with Ed this morning! I felt instantly at ease and he is warm, gracious and very accurate. Highly recommend!

Babette Nerzig LMT 
Reiki Master

He was very friendly and open. The session was spot on. For me, it was more validation of what I had been “hearing” myself from my guides. It allowed me to have a stronger connection and feel more confident in what I “thought” I heard was actually what I DID hear. Plus just some gentle reminders from them about having more fun and joy in life. 

Allison Ridinger

WOW!!!!I am feeling a lot of peace and calm after our session. I must say he is SO gifted! My mind is full right now but my heart feels at rest. He helped me to see that I am on the right path, everything is falling into place, and as long as I hold the higher vibration for it all being so, it can come into fruition! I definitely intend to work with Ed again. What a loving and wise soul.

Oceana LeBlanc

“Had a very nice session with Ed. His guides gave me a very solid piece of info that was deeply confirming for me. He is kind, warm, and easy to talk to. Ed is a safe, awakened man. I recommend him.”.
Photo placeholder Testimonial

Michelle Chiacchia

Microcurrent therapy Practitioner


“I had a reading from Ed, I feel wonderfully inspired. First he channeled a spot on psychic reading for me and helped me to trust myself and reported excellent advice for my kids and myself! He is clearly psychically intuitive. Thanks Ed!”

Jean Prominski

“Ed has taught me so much wisdom. He has taught me how to find gratitude in all situations, how to ask for what I want, and most importantly, how to truly be at peace. His listening skills are like no other. It is such a relief to have someone like Ed in my life. ”


Ed’s work is to be of service. To help people by uplifting, inspiring, helping, empowering, and awakening them. He loves the ah-ha’s of insight and inspiration his clients get. It fills his heart with joy. And he loves knowing that his clients are feeling it too. True growth, and real change! That is why he loves doing this work.
Ed is a psychic channel for ascended masters. He feels people’s energy and helps them shift that energy to allow: 
  • More Money 
  • Finding A Soulmate 
  • Improved Relationships
  • Finding Your Life’s Purpose 
  • Business Growth


Ed is the author of Creating With The Law of Attraction: 10 Principles That Will Change Your Life, the online self-study Master Money Program, and the CD Meditations for Improved Well Being


Ed is also a certified Master Coach & Mentor. He uses many tools to help you shift, grow and raise your vibration.
The combination of his gift and his coaching skills does make working with him the best of both worlds. Using techniques like the ones listed below, Ed can help you transform your life, and Reclaim YOU!
TCM Transformational Coaching Method
NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programing
EFT tapping Emotional Freedom Technique
and more.


Ed has been studying everything from Native American religions and Zen Buddhism to metaphysical studies and theoretical quantum physics; to find the answers to the questions “Why are we here?” “Is this all there is?” and “How do we get what we want?”
He has been on a spiritual path for over 40 years.
He has extensive knowledge of spiritual wisdom from:
  • The teachings of Abraham from Esther Hicks 
  • A Course in Miracles 
  • I am
  • The work of Paul Selig 
  • The work of Neale Donald Walsh
  • The work of Wayne Dyer
  • The work of Eckhart Tolle
  • Silva Mind Control
  • The Avatar Material
  • and many others.
Ed also has a personal spiritual connection to the guides. He can help anyone grow spiritually as they move along their path.


Once a month what we do is, we all meditate and pray together at a specific time. We do this to send the energy of Love, Peace, Harmony, and Healing into our world.  From the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are, add your energy to our positive energy wave for everyone.
If you know how to meditate, we ask that you meditate with us for 10 minutes with the intention of sending peace, love, harmony and healing into our world.
If you don’t meditate we ask that you join us in prayer. Simply be silent for the first moment. Then pray in whatever way works for you and your beliefs about peace, love, harmony and healing.
That’s it. It’s as simple as that. There is no agenda here. We simply want to send positive energy out into our world. Our intention is to one day have over 10,000 people meditating and praying together.
PLEASE SHARE THIS with friends and family.

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