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Ed Langan, Master Mindset Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Psychic Channel, helps heart centered entrepreneurs who have hit a plateau in their business release the blocks that hold them back so they can awaken their super power and attract more clients and more success.


10 Mindset Tweaks to Breakthrough Your

Income Plateau


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About Ed

He has helped thousands of clients with tools, techniques, and programs to help them transform their lives.


Ed has been teaching workshops for over 19 years. The combination of his gift and his coaching skills makes working with him unique and powerful. 


Using techniques and tools like…


  • The 6 Steps to Manifesting

  • 5 Things You Control That Change Your Life 

  • Vibrational Boosters

  • TCM Transformational Coaching Method

  • NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

and more. 


He can help you transform your business, and your life.


Ed’s journey began when he started asking himself questions about his life and the way he was living it. This has led him to share with others what he has learned, and what has helped and worked for him.


Ed has been called a ‘lightning rod’ for his energetic being, a ‘Contemporary Mystic,’ a ‘Master Teacher,’ and a ‘Spiritual Master.’


He is the author of Creating With The Law of Attraction: 10 Principles That Will Change Your Life. 


Ed, The LIFE Wisdom Psychic, is a featured writer for Star Nations Magazine, and the host of LIFE Wisdom With Ed Langan, a spiritual talk show on Star Nations Live Stream Shows.

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Julie Vinson
Owner, Dragonflies & Amber

"When I first opened the doors to Dragonflies and Amber in April 2019 I thought this would be a place where I could do a group reading or two a month as well as practice Reiki to help people. But all that is had a different idea!

Today amazing clients, magical and talented practitioners/teachers present themselves including Ed Langan, and Dragonflies has the ability to change lives and help many people in so many ways!

Ed aided me in being in a constant vibration of growth and abundance in all areas of my life including a successful business. I highly recommend adding Ed to your plans to grow yourself and your business, you will be glad you did!!"

Missy photo.jpg
Missy Cohen
Owner, Just Breathe

"I think I’ve always thought “Hmm… I was just thinking about that and it happened”, but since I first took your workshop, I have manifested so much more that I am aware of.

It’s truly an amazing journey! I always feel so loved and supported after seeing you, and I always have so much more to think about and process.

As a new business owner I definitely have noticed an uptick in my business after doing your vibrational boosters, and I find that things increase as I remember to use the principles that you teach. You make it so easy to understand. I want a front row seat when you start doing workshops on a grand scale!"

Trish Ward

"Ed is truly a Master Coach and a gifted psychic. He not only can zero in on areas you need to explore, he gently nudges you to see the possibilities in your thinking which leads to huge shifts in your life, personally and professionally.  Ed's patience and coaching expertise have radically changed my life.  I look forward to our calls and every time we hang up I feel amazing and think to myself 'I love him!'"

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