The Mindset Breakthrough Method

Are you…

Stuck - can’t break through an income plateau?

Working way too hard for little results?

Not getting paid what you’re worth?


What’s holding you back is fear! 

Playing small, being stuck, not getting paid what you’re worth is a response to that fear! 

It’s easy to get caught up in that fear and forget your value, and all that you do. 

I will help you get over this fear! I know what it is, I have been through it, and I will help you get through it too. 

Here’s the good news: fear pops up when you’re ready to grow! 

It’s time to love what you do again!


Your work has a ripple effect!

Do you realize what you’re depriving your clients, yourself, and the world? You have no way of know how far the ripple of your work goes, and all of the good it does.

But if you’re stuck, you’re not shining like you could.

Your clients, your audience, and our world needs what you do, and needs you to shine. Just knowing that will help you to start growing again! 

Are you stopping yourself? That is the first thing we work on!

This isn’t just another training program that sits on your computer. It’s a hands-on mentoring program, so your success rate is much greater. I will share with you my 19 years of workshop teaching experience. 

It’s a small, intimate group so you get lots of personal attention (no more getting lost in the crowd). Just you, me, and a small group of inspiring entrepreneurs creating results together.

The Mindset Breakthrough Method

It’s a three part method that will get you loving your business again. With more income, more results, and getting paid what you’re worth.  Imagine how great you’ll feel doing what you love, sharing your skills, talents and gifts, and getting paid what you’re worth.

Isn’t that why you started your business? Are you ready to love your work again? 

Together We Will...

Shift Your Blocking/Limiting Beliefs

  • Uncover blocking/limiting beliefs

  • Shift those beliefs w/ 3 techniques

  • Start to create new neural pathways in your brain

Manifest What You Want

  • Learn how to leverage energy

  • Learn how universal laws work & how to use them

  • Shift your thinking and focus to getting results

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Create Your New Vision

  • Create a Vibrational Vision that attracts  

  • Energetic alignment of heart and mind

  • Beliefs + Mindset + Vision = Alignment



Beliefs + Leveraging Energy + Vibrational Vision = Breakthrough

New Success at a higher level 


It’s always the inner game. Everything starts there! 

Here’s What’s Included in this Hands On Mentoring Program


We're going to partner closely together over 60 days with all the training, accountability and support you need to get real results. 


Live Zoom Calls - We meet via Zoom every week for 2 months. Starting on Thursday May 13, 2021. From 2:00 - 3:30 pm ET.
Each call involves teaching and Q&A’s. We keep the group small, so you get the personal attention you need to get results. The calls will be recorded and you will have life time access to them. 


Action Guides - For every Zoom call, you'll get an Action Guide so you can implement what you learn in a clear, focused way.  


Updates and Bonuses - You'll get ongoing access to the additional training materials we add to the program. 


Weekly Accountability  - You'll get weekly accountability check-ins during our Zoom sessions, and a personal accountability buddy for an added level of support.


BONUS: 2 Private Coaching Calls*-  You'll get 2 private coaching calls with me for that added laser focus on you and your business (Value $250) 


BONUS: Access to the Video Library


BONUS: Access to the EFT Tapping Script Library


* With full investment


This a pilot beta program, and as such the investment is discounted. In return I ask if you like the program that you write a testimonial about it. 



If at the end of the 2 months of the program, you honestly feel you didn’t get value, you’ll get a full refund. Any refund requests must be made by the last day of the program.

The guarantee is conditional upon you doing the work, namely attending the zoom training calls, a showing of all completed work, and attending the coaching calls.

I’m committed to showing up fully and consistently for you. All I ask is that you do the same.

A Few Things You Should Know About Me:

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Coaching Seal 1.png
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I am a Master Mindset Coach, Law of Attraction Expert, and Psychic Channel. 

I have helped thousands of clients with tools, techniques, and programs to help them transform their lives and their business’s. 


My Powerful Intention is to offer you valuable information, tools and techniques to help you have the business and life you desire.


I have been teaching workshops for over 19 years. The combination of my gift and my coaching skills makes working with me unique and powerful. I have grown my business by teaching mindset and universal laws.


I have been on a spiritual quest for almost 43 years. I have extensive knowledge of spiritual wisdom from a compilation of many sources in the spiritual community: A Course in Miracles, The work of Paul Selig, I Am, Silva Mind Control®,  Abraham-Hicks, to name a few.


Authenticity at my core - Authenticity isn't a buzz word for me. It's the core of who I am. I believe in being heart centered and in alignment. My mindset and vision is to help raise the vibration of business and the planet. For us all to live from our hearts and spirit. 


Client support is key - There's nothing more exciting than seeing my clients get amazing results. I go above and beyond to deliver the training and support you need to succeed.


Community of support - I believe in the power of a community of heart centered entrepreneurs who are striving to be their very best, and give their best to others in the community. That's what I nurture in my groups so everyone has a voice and unwavering support.



Do You Have Any Questions?


Q. When are the group Zoom calls? We meet as a small group on Thursdays at 11am PST / 2pm EST. The calls last 60-90 minutes, 60 minutes of teaching and 30 minutes of Q & A. Everyone gets the coaching support they need to move forward.  


Q. How big is the group? I keep the group small and intimate so you get lots of support.


Q. Is this program for beginners or more advanced entrepreneurs? Both. Although I designed it with experienced people in mind, the program will work for new entrepreneurs too. It will help you get into energetic alignment with your goals and desires. It’s about the inner work. 


Q. What makes this program different from other programs out there?  There are a few key things that set The Mindset Breakthrough Method apart.  

You don’t have to sit at your computer and just watch videos, it’s a live interactive program. I am with you every step of the way. And you will have all of the Zoom recordings as well as the action guides and other resources to work with (and all the new things added to the program as it grows and evolves over time.)  

I'm here to support you and guide you every step of the way.  And the other members will be here for you too. We attract the most caring, supporting people you can imagine.  You will get an accountability partner from the group to also help you.  

These things combined are the reason that live programs have an 80-90% completion rate!  



Q. What happens when I join? You will get an email outlining the whole process. And you’ll have lifetime access to the trainings, even after the program ends.    


Q. What if I have a question that wasn't answered here? You can book a chat with me using the button above or below, or email me at  I'll answer any questions and give you honest feedback as to whether or not this mentoring program is right for you. 

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