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Next Level



Next level your life. Next Level your business.
Next level your abundance. Next level your freedom.

Next level your dreams.


In this workbook we are going to help you shift and align your thoughts and your vibration to the same vibration as what you desire so that it will manifest in your life.

For your desires to manifest you have to be in alignment with it, an energetic match to it.
This workbook will help you do that. 
It will help you:

  • To manifest your desire faster.

  • Define your desire.

  • Focus your desire.

  • Be an energetic match to your desire.

  • Release any fears and doubts about your desire.

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Ed has helped thousands of clients with tools, techniques, and programs to help them transform their lives.


I have been teaching and coaching now for 20+ years.  


I am the author of: Creating With The Law of Attraction: 10 Principles That Will Change Your Life.  


I was a featured writer for Star Nations Magazine, and the host of LIFE Wisdom With Ed Langan, a spiritual talk show on Star Nations Live Stream Shows.


The combination of my gift and my coaching skills makes working with me unique and powerful.


Using techniques and tools like…


  • How to uncover blocking/limiting beliefs

  • How to release blocking/limiting beliefs

  • The 7 Steps to Manifesting

  • 7 Secret Universal Principles

  • 5 Things You Control That Change Your Life

  • Vibrational Vision

  • Vibrational Boosters

  • TCM Transformational Coaching Method

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping

and more...  


I can help you transform your business, and your life.  Are you ready?

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