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Law of Attraction Workshop Series

Attracting Abundance: Shift Your Money Energy

Have you heard money referred to as currency?
Money is a form of energy.
When you align with that energy it flows.


This workshop helps you align with that energy.

The focus of this workshop is to help you shift and change your thoughts, beliefs and vibration about money. We will help you uncover the limiting and blocking beliefs you have about money that keeps it from coming to you, and teach you how to shift and release them.

The workshop has 4 parts:

  • What money really is

  • Uncovering your limiting beliefs about money

  • How to stand in your power

  • Techniques to shift and release the limiting beliefs


What people are saying:

“Within one week of taking this workshop, I manifested the office space I had envisioned, the first and last month's rent to secure it, as well as a vacation to Florida! In the month following I have attracted two career-enhancing opportunities and several new clients. This workshop is amazing!” – Maureen M.

“I took this workshop and I manifested a new house! This workshop shifted my energy and I became more abundant.” – Kim D.

“Six weeks after taking this workshop I have 10 times more in my bank account. One month later it doubled! This works!” – Polly Jo L.

Are you ready to change your energy and allow money to flow to you?

This Workshop includes:

3 Instructional Videos
A coaching session with Ed
14 Page PDF Workbook
MP3 recording of the workshop

Extra Bonus:
Money Meditation Video & MP4
Affirmation Video & MP4

For an investment in yourself of $147



How long do I have to access this workshop?

You will have lifetime access to this workshop.

Are the videos available right away?

Once registered, you will have access to all the videos, MP3’s and the workbook when you sign up.

If I am new to Law of Attraction, can I take this Master Class?

Yes. If you’re new to the law of attraction, know about, or have experience with it, there is something here for you. This is about shifting you money energy.

Can I just listen to the MP3s?

It’s best to watch the videos at least one time. There are some things that will make more sense if you see them. After that you can listen to the MP3’s as often as you like.

When do I schedule my call with you?

It’s best to schedule your call after you finish the workshop. As you go through it, write down any questions that you have. I will answer them on our call. (The call is by phone or Zoom.)

Mission Statement: I believe that everyone deserves to know that they are creating their reality.

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