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"Ed is a truly gifted spiritual coach. One of his gifts is simplicity and distilling the issues down to the root causes and illuminating possibilities to shift one's mindset." Dr Christina Royal

Personalized Mindset Coaching Can Change Your Life!  Are you feeling like you’re in your own way, blocked or stuck?


I can relate and I understand because it’s happened to me. I am an entrepreneur just like you. And when I get stuck I know what to do. 

I hire a coach. Coaching shifts and changes my mindset. It gives me a new perspective. It helps me see things in a new light. It helps me refocus and release what’s not working.  Coaching works!


Here’s what you can expect from working on your mindset with Ed:


Mindset for more Abundance 

Clear away the blocking beliefs mindset that keep you stuck and reprogram your new thinking and beliefs to manifest abundance.

Learn to use Universal Laws

Most of us have not been taught how to use these laws. They are for everyone to use and create with. Ed will teach you how to use them.


Improved Focus and Clarity

A confused mind stays stuck. When you get clear and focused you can move mountains. 


Wisdom and Guidance from the Guides

Ed is a channel for a group of Ascended Ones, the Guides, who are here to help humans evolve and ascend. 


Clear Vision

Together we will create and focus a clear vision of what you’re creating and how to be a vibrational match to it. 


Ed work’s with people just like you who are open-minded to coaching, who want to succeed, and are ready to show up for themselves 100%. 

We ask you to commit to yourself and to your sessions with Ed 100%, because Ed and the Guides are going to show up for you 100%. 

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