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Ed is the host of Life Wisdom With Ed Langan a monthly spiritual talk show on Star Nations Radio Network and BeLive TV.
LIFE Wisdom with Ed Langan: Empowering you to create your best LIFE.
The second Thursday of each month at 4 PM Eastern time, 3 PM Central, 1 PM Pacific 

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The show to watch for practical and spiritual information to help you as you move forward on your path. Plus, LIFE wisdom from the guides.

LIFE wisdom is love, inspiration, faith, and empowerment.


On this Spiritual Talk Show we cover everything from self-love and creating your own reality, to quantum physics and what your soul wants you to know.


In the first part of the show, Ed talks about practical and spiritual concepts and information to help you as you move forward in life. And he also interviews special guests who have knowledge about the subject of that month’s show.


The second part of the show, Ed will channel the Guides to answer questions that people have sent in about Law of Attraction and all aspects of life. You can also post questions during the live chat. 
The more focused and powerful the question the more focused and powerful the answer from the Guides. 

You can send a question ahead of time. Send it to Ed in a message to the show’s Facebook page @LIFE Wisdom with Ed Langan


The shows are archived on all of Ed’s Facebook pages and Star Nations YouTube page:

Ed is a feature writer for Star Nations Magazine.


Dedicated to the world as one, universal community, Star Nations Magazine recognizes the sacred connections between All People and our relationship to Spirit. Star Nations Magazine is your bridge between Ancient and Modern spiritual information.

Star Nations Magazine highlights the positive and seeks to empower global readers. The major contributors to the magazine are popular Internet radio and live stream show hosts, as well as spiritual teachers. Star Nations is honored to bring to you a magazine that reflects you and your desire to create a meaningful life.


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