Magnetizing Your True Potential: Manifesting in a Multidimensional World

A 2-day workshop with Polly Jo Labbe and Ed Langan
What is holding you back? Fear? Energy blocks? You don’t know what to do? 
Has your past become blocked energy that is holding you back? 
What happens when your beliefs become baggage? When they get stuck in the past. When they no longer serve you? When they keep you from moving forward. They become energetic blocks. They form a cycle of beliefs that you keep going back to, that keeps you stuck and slows your motion forward along your path. Blocks that you just can’t seem to move past and get through.
Everything you’re creating in your life starts with what you believe.
What you believe about yourself, your value and your worth. Your beliefs about the world, money, love, your job, relationships and people. All of that is what you’re creating from. How do you shift that and get past being stuck?
That’s where we come in. Polly Jo Labbe and Ed Langan are both spiritual masters and master teachers. In this interactive powerful weekend workshop your blocked energy will shift. Your life will start to change.
If you have a block in any of the five keys the law of attraction will not work fully for you. It will be hard for you to create, manifest and live the life you dream of and desire. The life that you deserve.
Ed Langan will show you how to unlock the five keys to your unlimited potential, using brain research, meditation techniques, and the latest understanding of the law of attraction. And Ed will teach the 6 steps to manifesting anything in multi-dimensions.
Polly Jo will show you how beliefs, ideas, and patterns of behavior have influenced your energy of attraction in all aspects of your life. Through vibration, frequency, and the physical application of quantum physics, she will assist you in healing the core wounds and coping mechanisms that may keep you stuck. Multi-dimensional Quantum Healing works through waves and particles that release stuck or held onto energy from your past (including past lives!), removing the density that acts as a spiritual dam blocking your abundant and natural flow. 
You will leave this workshop in a whole new energy, and going forward you will know what to do as you move forward creating, manifesting, and live the life you dream of and desire.

Hourly Schedule

From 10:00am - To 5:00pm
Day 1
November 23
From 10:00am - To 5:00pm
Day 2
November 24


Nov 23 2019 - Nov 24 2019


10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


Prepay $222 (by 11.16.19) $299 (on or after 11.17.19)


Trinity Healing Sanctuary
18 North Farms Road, Haydenville, MA
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