Why Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working For Me?

Why Isn’t The Law of Attraction Working For Me?

Woman off screen: Why isn’t the law of attraction working for me?

Ed: That’s a really good question, and the first thing we want to say is there’s two parts to this, so the first part is the law of attaction is always working. The law of attraction is like gravity, so you can’t turn off the law of attraction. It is working, so that’s not the answer. The answer is you’re not a match to what you want, so you keep changing back to the same thing, to the same thing, to the same thing because you’ve set up resistance to it…or you’re trying too hard.

So what does that mean? The first answer is, most people are paying so much attention to what’s going around them that they’re never playing a different song than what  is playing around them. They’re never vibrating any differently. They’re not changing their vibration to what they want. Their vibration is exclusively what they’re seeing around them. So, the law of attraction is bringing them more of that and more of that and more of that, and then they say, “This doesn’t work for me.”

It is working, you’re just…your main energy, the main thing that you’re focused on is everything that’s already happening. You have to have a different vibration for things to change. You have to change your vibration to something for it to change. Otherwise, things don’t change and the law of attraction seems like it’s not working for you.

The second thing that can happen is people learn about the law of attaction, and they say, “Well, then I’m really going to focus hard on this and I’m going to focus and focus and focus and I’m going to make this change.” That usually ends of being trying too hard.

When you’re really focused on something that you don’t have and try really hard to focus on what you want, what you’re sending to the universe is, “I don’t have this” and you focus harder on wanting it and wanting it and wanting it and what you’re sending to the universe, what you’re playing to the universe, your vibration is, “I don’t have this. That relates to trying too hard and that also can make it appear like the law of attraction isn’t working.

Relax about this. Be easier about. Reach for things that feel good. Reach for things that bring you joy. Feeling good about anything will bring you the things that you want, so relax about it. The law of attraction is always on and it is working.

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